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3 reasons why you don’t meet your objectives

Wrong Sales Strategies (Hypothesis) or your market has changed.
Gestion de vente
Ineffective Sales management or processes.
Gestion de talent
Lack discipline in your Sales Talent Management.

Proposed solutions

Benchmark: Sales Maturity Index

Our capacity to execute and our performance are not as planned; Where should I focus to get to results faster?

Our Sales maturity index provides an assessment of your sales organization & prioritizes challenges to address.

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Sales Playbook

How can we scale the organization? We lack structure, sales cycle efficiency, pipeline management, CRM discipline; How can we build a sales team that will really lead our growth strategy?

Our Sales playbook will be your executions handbook, it has been designed to help you address your growth issues.

Sales Talent

What are the abilities of amazing sales leaders? Sales strategy, coaching and business acumen. Are your reps still selling functions and benefits or are they seen as business advisors for your customers?

Our services help your sales execution through individual transformation.

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Workshop, Conferences and Coaching

Should we invest in our people? What if they leave? Shouldn't you ask yourself: what if they stay and become comfortable?

Developing a sales culture with our Demystifying Sales or build critical actionable knowledge with How to Master Negotiation sessions. Those two sessions will provide takeaways to create positive change.

Sales workshops,
conferences and coaching

Tailored to meet your objectives, support your audiences' needs and develop their skills and abilities.

  • Demystifying sales
  • The 5 essential sales discussions: Better communicate to improve value creation
  • Create engagement, how to influence and improve your future
  • Build/optimize your sales mechanics
  • Demonstrations/presentations that convert
  • Negotiation: Planning, execution for effective results

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André Lavigne

With more than 30 years of experience in sales, strategic alliances and channels, sales management.

As principal consultant and coach, to assist in developing sales strategy, execute sales plans, become effective managers and to season business executives as well as to young professionals or entrepreneurs seeking personal and career growth.

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